Darren Council

(Co-Founder/Executive Producer)

Darren has over 15 years of business financial leadership. He successfully ran a daycare business for over 10 years while running 3 locations. Through his leadership, profits far exceeded industry standards. Networking is Darren’s forte. He has established relationships with several different networking groups through Prince William County (1 Million Cups, Manassas Action Xpress, etc.) He has connected with leadership in Northern Virginia. He has been able to establish a partnership with PWC Spark  and is also going to be partnering with Enrichment Matters in the fall of 2017. Along with producing he also does hosting for varying events (Open Mic Night at Jirani Coffeehouse, along with events for Real Life Productions).

Eric (The Eric L Jones) Jones

(Playwright-Technical/Acting Director)

Eric is the writer, director and producer of the Mystery Dinner Theater, "The Game Show." Eric has been in the Theater/film world for quite sometime. He is mostly known for multiple stage plays such as "My Father," "Broken," and "Just When you Least Expect it."  Eric is one of your local stars that takes part in the hilarious Improv/Comedy show, Unscripted DC, every month at Jirani Coffee House in Manassas, VA. Eric has been busy behind the scenes working on the writing for his new TV show, "The Eric L. Jones Show,"  and his new Musical stage play "Kid Again."

Josh Colliluori

(Public Relations Director)


Josh is a recent graduate from George Mason University with a BA in Communications. He has had a long history with acting and has been featured in popular TV shows such as: House of Cards, Copy Cat Killers, and Homeland (to name a few). And has been seen on the stage as: the Sultan in Aladdin Jr., Motel in Fiddler on the Roof, and most recently as Cinderella's Father in URTM's Into the Woods. He has worked with RLP as an actor, leader, and instructor for the summer youth program, Unscripted DC, and the Rotary Youth Club Leadership camp. He is also well versed in the technical aspects of film and video production and directing. He is certainly a showman and energetic talent on and off the stage.

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