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Looking for an engaging platform for marriages?

It all started about 16 years ago. I (Darren) didn't know the first thing about being married. I knew enough to know that I loved Lawanda and that this was a lifetime commitment.

We have had some amazing times during our marriage, and truth be told, I have disappointed her during this same time frame. Through it all we have continued to have a good time together and support each other through everything.

Lawanda and I have been facilitating marriage classes/workshops for around 8 years now, and one things holds true: The things that we go through as a couple, 9 times out of 10 another couple has been through it and SURVIVED.

That's why we decided to do Unscripted Marriage. With the help of Jirani TV we want to share our experiences with you. We want to give you practical fun ways to keep a healthy marriage.

Will you join us in the journey of having fun in marriage?

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