Real Life Productions LLC offers a variety of services. We specialize in : entertainment, teambuilding, corporate trainings, production management, event hosting, and event staffing. 

Event Host

Do you have an event, but don't have anyone to host it for you? Look no further, we have you covered. We have experienced staff that will take your gathering from a get together to the best event you have ever attended! Allow your guest to have a great time, and call us for an estimate!


Unscripted DC can help your organization solve problems while having fun at the same time. If you aren’t quite sure how to solve a problem that your organization is having, let us help. We will use your dilemma and add it into one of our skits, making it a topic of discussion while having fun the entire time. Are you looking for ways to help your team communicate more efficiently, look no further?


Have a larger group and want more team activity while having the option to eat at the same time. Mystery Dinner Theater is for you! Split into teams and help each other solve the mystery. This activity will be sure to change the dynamic of your organization.

This interactive, intellectual, fun filled game show, comes to a screeching halt when it's worrisome producer is murdered. Be a part of a live game show where the audience are the contestants. Join in battle, as players go round after round to solve the murder mystery.


Our trained instructors use established techniques to bring the best out of every student. We teach improv (at all levels) to ensure that you have the confidence to not only speak in front of large crowds but also be to be able to establish and sustain relationships. We also teach Young aspiring writers with the process of writing their book.

Unscripted Marriage

We are so excited to be able to join you as we give you the tools  and a strategic plan for having SERIOUS FUN in Marriage. Book us to speak at your next event.

We offer:

  • Marriage Mentorship

  • Marriage Boot Camp  6 week course

  • Host an Unscripted Marriage Workshop (6-12 Couples)

  • Unscripted TV/Video Series

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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