Unscripted DC Services

Workplace Laughter Integration

Never forget your employees’ birthday, work anniversary or special occasion with our integration service. We designate an employee that Leads with Laughter and they will make sure that the workplace where everyone will feel valued.

Group Mystery Dinner Theater

Grab your co-workers and join us for an event that is focused on collaboration and problem solving. A safe space for team members to fail, to grow as a team, and ultimately to succeed.

Individual/Group Improv Training

Not all problems are created equal, so you must be able to collaborate in a way that will, “Make Your Partner Look Good.”

Individual instruction can take the form of assessing and working on individual concerns such as: building confidence in public speaking, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution. Group training, can address topics like individual training, but in a broader group setting. Companies are welcomed to provide us with topics that they feel their teams could benefit in the training we provide.

Special Occasions

Are you looking at receiving your money’s worth regarding your Christmas Party or conference? Look no further. Hire Unscripted DC to handle everything from start to finish. You want to celebrate the end of the year numbers, or show your team a good time for the holidays? Contact us for more information.

Master of Ceremony (MC)

Already have an event planned, but you need a Master of Ceremonies? We have you covered. Our performers have years of public speaking and events management under their belts.

Training Videos

Your training videos can be as original as you are! With our customized training video, we can provide you with a more engaging video graphic experience. We can use your team members in the training video or we can use our professional actors to handle it.

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